Shading systems – Pergolas

Serval S.A. shading systems can be used in residential living spaces as well as in hotel or commercial facilities, enabling perfect integration in any architectural setting.
Our range of solar shading systems offers not only better living conditions, but also energy savings, especially during summer, thanks to the reduction of energy needed for air conditioning.

Serval S.A. is a certified partner of Alumil

Coordination Process

The overall company’s production and coordination is based on a 6,500m 2 area on the outskirts of Thessaloniki city (Greece), specifically in Nea Santa Kilkis. This area includes the privately owned modern factory facilities and headquarters of ALUK S.A. With a capacity of 30-48 people (managers, workers, manifacturers)

Our Philosophy

Serval S.A.  adheres to the values on which it was created and developed:
– Passion for perfection
– Love for creation and innovation
– Respect for our customers, suppliers and staff.

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