Building facedes

Serval S.A. merchandises Building facedes of high quality and design, made of aluminium and other high quality materials. The facades can be combined with glass and have great strength and design properties that fulfill every need and long lasting results.

Besides curtain walls, ALUMIL offers special cladding systems for covering the exterior walls of buildings with elements that are characterised by top performance and aesthetics.
We offer numerous decorative options and all the necessary supportive frames.
As a certified partner of Alumil, Serval S.A. has a new series of Alumil facades Systems.

Coordination Process

Our facilities & headquarters
The overall company’s production and coordination is based on a 6,500m2 area on the outskirts of Thessaloniki city (Greece), specifically in Nea Santa Kilkis.
This area includes the privately owned modern factory facilities and headquarters of Serval S.A. With qualified managers, workers and manufacturers

Our Philosophy

Serval S.A.  adheres to the values on which it was created and developed:
– Passion for perfection
– Love for creation and innovation
– Respect for our customers, suppliers and staff.

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